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Are you looking for a beautiful new patio or concrete floors for your home or business? Maybe you need a concrete repair or makeover done to some tired concrete?

Beauty that lasts a lifetime. No longer just grey and boring, concrete has become the flooring material of choice for businesses and homeowners. Call us on 021 582 292 and we can work with you to make your concrete floor look fantastic and take the foot traffic.

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It’s your floor. Whether it’s etched, painted, coloured, stained, polished, textured, patterned, cut or exposed aggregate, the choice is yours. We make your flooring vision concrete.

Make your concrete floors a feature. With a variety of design options, patterns, colour combinations and finishes to choose from, concrete gives you loads of options. Talk to us about structural, decorative and speciality concrete floor options. We lay concrete floors in shops, restaurants, offices, workshops and homes throughout Northland.

When compared to many other flooring options, concrete floors stand out due to their affordability and ease of maintenance. Many of our clients in Mangawhai, Snells Beach, Omaha, Leigh, Mahurangi West and other coastal areas chose concrete; a great option in regions with a lot of sand. Another of their many advantages, polished concrete floors have great thermal properties; they absorb heat during the day and slowly release it during the night. Concrete floors are also a good alternative to carpet for those with allergies.


Create something uniquely yours for your place. We can turn your concrete area into a work of art to last.

Durable, versatile, cost effective: concrete is perfect for outdoor spaces. Blend your interior and exterior living spaces. 

Concrete gives you the creative freedom to bring the look and style of your indoor rooms to the outdoors. With very little maintenance, concrete will last for generations.

Call us on 021 582 292 or 09 423 9643 to talk about the eye-catching designs we can apply to the concrete patio surfaces at your home.

Whether you need work done on your existing home, business or a new build, nothing is a problem. Get solid results from us.


We lay concrete that lasts.

Concrete Solutions

Stage One: Excavation and preparation

Before any concrete can be poured, the site needs to be prepared: cleared and/or cleaned and a sub-base fill placed and compacted.

Stage Two: Boxing and forming

Once the sub-base is prepared, the area is boxed up. We make concrete boxing from wood, metal or plastic.

Stage Three: Pouring

Wet concrete is brought to the site. We pour into the boxing and our team uses shovels and rakes to move the concrete, ensuring there are no voids or air pockets.

Stage Four: Early finishing

Once wet concrete is poured we use a large metal or wood board to screed the top of the concrete. This helps compact and consolidate the concrete, beginning the smoothing and levelling. Once the surface has been screeded, the concrete is floated using a special trowel.

Stage Five: The finish

Once trowelling is complete the final finish can be applied to the concrete. The most basic type of finish is a broom finish: a rough textured surface. Other types of finishes include stamped, textured, polished or smooth. Ask us about the various concrete finishes you can have at your place.

Stage Six: Curing

Once the finishing has been carried out, the concrete can rest and begin to cure. The curing process lasts around 28 days, with the first 48 hours being the most critical. The colder the temperature, the longer it will take concrete to cure. Generally speaking, you can begin using your concrete around 3 to 4 days after pouring, and you can drive and park on your concrete 5 to 7 days after it’s been laid.

Stage Seven: Sealing and maintenance

Concrete is a durable product, and in terms of maintenance a quality sealer is always a good idea. A cure and seal may be applied the same day or up to a month after the concrete is poured. Exterior concrete sealers can last anywhere from 1 to 5 years. Need some advice on sealers? Ask one of our concrete contractors.


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